Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun Stuff!

I just checked out my ad on and love it! I also saw it in print for the first time today while out at the Croton bagel store. Yay I'm hoping I get a client or two soon. I'm also rethinking the layout of the ad, my name is more prominent than the service I offer. It should read more "Murals, Murals, buy some Murals!". Something like that! If my friend Barb reads this, she can improve my copy since she is an awesome writer.

We went shopping today, at Micheal's Art and Craft. With both kids in tow. Nathan, now 4 months old, is recovering from a 24 hour fever. Also Richard and I are recovering from a sleepless night. Juliana did great, and picked out Cheetah print tape! I bought 10 8x10 canvases for my new Etsy shop. It's

Here are some blank canvases, I'm hoping to have painted soon. I got as far as gesso-ing 5 of them. And organizing paints that my friend April gave me. They used to be her mother Phyllis's.  Let's see if April reads this, too.

Disorganization of Phyllis's paints. I re-arranged them. Dont worry they are (mostly) organized again. 

New colors, new gesso, and some glitter too:


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  1. I saw the add - looks great!
    Lets get some sleep tonight:)