Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maternity Fair

Getting ready for the Maternity Fair at Hudson Valley Hospital was fun. My friend Heather (Princess Absigaila's Tiaras) encouraged me to get my own table, so I had to put together a lot of art quick! That was really good for me since it got the creative juices flowing! I focused on some new art, trees and canvas animals. I worked on some promotional items, like posters, fliers and business cards. I also made a collection of prints that I'm adding onto Etsy:

Set up was good at the Maternity Fair, we had to get there nice and early!  Some coffee and some help from the kids, and I had it set up quickly!. It was nice seeing all the pregnant moms and new babies. I talked to a bunch of moms and dads about mural painting. It was a nice vibe, and over quickly.

Here is Nathan helping out! The kids didn't stay long, Daddy took them hiking. 

I want to thank everyone who showed interest in the murals. I think it was a huge success in getting the word out, and I hope to be painting very soon! Congrats to all the pregnant women and new mommies!

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