Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ajna Center

Today was my first time displaying at the Ajna Welness Center in Croton on Hudson. I love the idea of being a local artist and displaying in my town. Today was also the Superbowl and I think that we did not get the traffic that would have been liked. I met some really great local herbalists and craftspeople, networked, and made 3 sales.  I also finally got to photograph the mural I painted in December... it feels like that was forever ago!

Here are some pictures of the sale.

The roots of the tree say "HOPE". I think that this is a great way to personalize a tree mural. Some of my ideas going forward are to use a last name as the roots and put first names on the branches, to make a family tree.

Here is a close up of the roots.

I also really love how the flowers came out on this mural. I used a combination of paint and a paint marker to make it.

This mural presented a new challenge in that I was working in a corner.  In this picture of my display, you can really see how the branches are a bit distorted depending on the angle of viewing. When looking at the mural in person, it's not as obvious as it is in this picture.

Most of my display items were the same as the Maternity fair from last year, but I did add some new Valentine's Day inspired items since it is February. I'll include them in the next post!

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